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22 Mar

The communal area is narrow but spacious and always filled up.

The staff are friendly and will go out of their way to help you.

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If the crowd isn’t making a hostel special, it’s the people that manage them that do.The communal areas feel more open and intimate when not a venue for a bar and they even host bbq nights on their rooftop, which gives one plenty of options to meet and mingle.The hostel offers clean dorms with comfortable beds including lockers and although their private rooms are more on the pricier end, their dorm beds start at a night making it quite affordable.Hanoi Youth Hostel doesn’t go overboard with the partying.Although certain nights can have more people than can fit into it’s tiny bar, most nights the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable and just the right distance from the noisy and crowded street of Ma May without being too far from the heart of the action.