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30 Jan

The music was loud, and the sounds of laughter were ringing the off the walls. Her sexy outfit made it obvious she didn't want to leave the bar alone. I leaned to her, so she could hear me over the loud noise and shouted, "Hi my name's Susan. Soon two big, burly, football scholarship-types came over to hit on us, already half drunk and very loud. After a while, Becka told me to look over and check out a couple of guys that were sitting at a table by the wall with two empty chairs. I shouted back, "Looks good to me." "Okay," she continued, "But, I get the one with the blonde hair. Suddenly I realized that here I was a forty-year-old business executive in a dorm room stripping for a twenty-some-odd university student, I'd just met. " "Sure Greg but why don't we get undressed and we can feel each other much better on the bed." I'm thinking, my god this young man must be a virgin or something.

I knew it was always best for girls to be in pairs in bars. Becka and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. They were clean cut and good looking young men that were talking earnestly with each other and less interested in the party than most. He looks like he's the better fuck." Wow, I thought, girls are a lot more aggressive around sex than in my day. In the spirit of the game I said, "No, I think mine will be a better fuck." We both laughed until my side hurt. But that didn't stop me from reaching behind and undoing my bra and baring my breasts. I stripped down to my sexy panties with the heart just above the camel-toe notch of my pussy.

You are quite a man." That ego stroking emboldened him and he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. Wow." A big shit-ass grin came onto his face with the compliment. I still wanted to grope his crotch but wanted him to grab my pussy first. I moaned my approval and ground my hips to his movements. I then spread my knees to welcome him and reached up my hands to invite him.

We kept kissing and I was getting more frustrated when his hand stayed stubbornly in place. His cock was very different from my husband's, much thicker and about as long.

Once he had mounted me and was balls-deep inside, his total demeanor changed. His dick pounded and rammed into me with bottomless, youthful vigor.

You can bare your soul and release the pressure build-up, anonymously. My friends and family would never believe what I'm about to tell you. My addiction is picking up young college male students for sex when I travel out of town for business. I always turn them down, at least in my home city, because I'm happily married with two great kids, a boy twelve and a girl ten. Our sex life it about as good as it can be for two people married fifteen years. I have a daily routine of the finest beauty creams, not just for my face but all over. My naturally blonde hair used to be short in an executive woman's style but now I've let it grow down to my shoulders like I used to wear it in my university days. All of my clothes were business or grown up casual. So, I went out and bought a short plaid, pleated skirt and tight white tank top, the kind with string top, bare shouldered and some cleavage showing.

Men hit on me often, good looking men of the alpha type. I got so horny that I had to relieve myself by masturbating. I woke up the next morning, horny and thinking obsessively about going back there that evening.