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10 May

Luke and Lorelai, hands down, had a great chemistry.

" [] Also, we were theater people, so we're used to getting called to the stage for curtain and it's time to go or the show will start without you. So Ed and I very often found ourselves sitting across the table, staring at each other, waiting for everyone to get there. Glamour: You shared so much time with Alexis and Lauren too. Kelly: I was always giving Lauren advice on her love life—from experience to advice to opinion. Glamour: She's very happy with Peter Krause now. She doesn't remember this, but a long time ago, we were talking about the latest unworthy person.

Love, TV Mom"—and she writes back in March and says, "I didn't tell you this, but I've been seeing Peter Krause since December.

We've been an item; we're going together." I said, "That is so fabulous! Kelly: I do think he was, though I don't think she should have been strictly with anyone because she was too young. One of the greatest pleasures of working on shows like this is that I enjoy watching the actors—who are all younger than me now—and their careers.

Glamour: What do you get most when fans come up to you on the street?

Kelly: Generally, it's women talking about how when they were raising their daughters, their regular thing was to watch together.