Dirty chat bots websites

21 Feb

Having had some success with a color, we figured that Sephora as a cosmetics retailer should be really good at colors.We entered the term “Dusky Green” (again interrupting the button dialog) but this caused the chatbot to fail.It might suggest chocolate cake and ask if you want the ingredients, or for it to simply order one for you. You might even hold up a sketch that your nephew did of his ideal cake. This level of natural conversation is devilishly hard to achieve.It relies on a Watson-like level of computing power that can do everything from language processing and tone analysis to image recognition and social media mapping. Astonishing though they are when you think about them, these are now well-recognised chunks of what we now know will be our future. self-driving cars (even ones that strike up conversations with you): so far, so familiar.We interrupted the button-driven dialog by typing the term ‘red lips’.However, the chatbot admitted to not understanding the term and offered up 3 button options.

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The chat bot is able to understand your preferences (plus those of your nephew, thanks to your connections in social media networks).

The conversation begins with the chatbot introducing itself and what it’s able to do for the user.

In this case, the chatbot provides makeup tips and reviews.

We selected the ‘Product Search’ button, but this seems like an extra and unnecessary step to get us to a search function.

We used the identical search term as we’d used previously: ‘Red Lips’ which produced a set of results.