Travis mccoy dating history

16 Jan

At the time of the Revolution, John and Frances Wentworth left for Nova Scotia, then went to England, where Frances became a lady-in-waiting to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III. Formed from New Boston, and a portion of Society Land.

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First granted in 1735 by Governor Jonathan Belcher of MA as #7, one in a line of 9 towns set up as defense barriers against Indian attacks.

Former village names include Mason Harbor, Mason Village, and sometimes Souhegan Village.

Hancock started as an unidentified settlement on the Contoocook River, in lands known as "Society Land" or Cumberland, which had been reserved for the proprietors of the lands which became New Hampshire.

In 1748, the area was regranted to new settlers, including Colonel John Goffe, for whom the town was officially named. The town includes the village of Grasmere, named for the English home of poets Wordsworth and Coleridge.

First settled in 1753 by the Lynde family, the town was known as Lyndeborough Addition.