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24 Apr

Though it may seem simple to learn “by osmosis,” just letting ideas wash over you isn’t an effective way to absorb and retain information. Whether you’re wondering how to study in college or how to learn information for a business presentation, note-taking is key.As you read these tips on how to study, remember that the most effective method of note-taking varies from person to person and from situation to situation.It requires time and attention for optimal learning, but with time you will be able to find the best reading comprehension strategies that work for you.Remember to take a lot of notes while surveying and always answer your own questions.The following strategies will help you improve your reading comprehension, read effectively, and retain the information being read.One of the main aspects of retaining information you read is comprehension of the text itself.Devoted: Connor White, 12, who is severely autistic, is preparing to fly out to Panama to take part in a highly experimental stem cell therapy trial following a 'lifetime' of research by his devoted mother, Rachel.Above, Connor and Ms White are pictured at their home in Bangor, Maine, with Connor's sister ahead of the flight'When I started looking into it I saw a promise of hope that, prior to that, we did not have,' said Ms White, who also has a daughter with autism and has 'dedicated her life' to researching treatments.

An active reading exercise, SQ3R was designed to help you fully understand what you are reading.

The OK4R technique, meanwhile, was developed by Dr.

Walter Pauk after becoming frustrated with his students failing class.

Psychologists describe memory as the process by which your brain encodes information, stores it, and retrieves it when it is needed.

Rather than occurring in just one part of your brain, memory uses several different locations within the brain, which work together to create, store, and recall stored information as cohesive thoughts which you can call upon as needed.