Dating a girl with a long distance boyfriend

25 Mar

Haven’t met in person but in a long distance relationship , reduced calls or hardly calls , no skype .

Point 1 – If she is a online flirting or making time pass with you then be sure that she will not be calling you always but you will get her calls or go for a video call .

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“I did find myself having more free time to myself than always having to spend it if he were here.

Of course even she will have than she could show it to you.

Guys no girl is going to dream of a first meeting with her lover in a sneaky online video where she could barely control her fearful face that hides her love for you in face.

But now that the new semester’s started, classes and clubs start to stack up, and suddenly those daily hour-long conversations have dwindled down to a couple rushed texts.

Now, you’re faced with the question: Will your long-distance relationship last in college?