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20 Dec

The marriage market has been fuelled by a traditional preference for sons in parts of Asia, a trend exacerbated by sex-screening technology for pregnant women, with has left proportionally more bachelors fighting over fewer women.

In South Korea, thousands of agencies now offer marriage tours to China, Vietnam and other Asian countries, often subsidised by rural authorities battling declining populations.

6) To love and to be loved: This is the most obvious and simple reason of all.

In fact, it is believed that all marriages ought be this way.

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Nguyen Hoang Mong, 19, a single Vietnamese guy, worries about the growing number of young Vietnamese women who are marrying foreigners.

This expectation has shaped the Vietnamese women to be the most beautiful and respectful creatures on earth but at the same time it is a factor that somewhat contributes to the result of shaping the modern Vietnamese men into a lazy and macho type of man.

Plus, the old conceptions of "Trong Nam Khinh Nu" [Respect Male, Disrepect Female] and "Chong Chua, Vo Toi" [Husband Master, Wife Servant] have further put the weights onto the Vietnamese women’s shoulders to the point that some of them just wish for an escape.

"If all the girls leave," he said, "there won't be anyone left for us." [Source: AP, August 10, 2008] Thousands of Vietnamese women marry South Korean and Taiwanese men each year.

AFP reported: "Vietnam has become a popular destination for bachelors from South Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere searching for a spouse, often on week-long marriage tours that include medical checkups, visa procedures and speedy honeymoons.