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29 Mar

No doubt in my mind that rand wants to weaken..perhaps the US slowly as it goes approach.

The TMG share price is incredible and does anyone yet know what the big volume last week was all about?

If the dollar declines sharply, I accept it could cause a loss of confidence and a flight to other assets such as gold.

I can't rule that out, but IMHO it seems against the odds because the success of the US economy is built on sound financial management, which is likely to continue.tim00: hope you enjoyed the show, dogberry.

However, in circumstances where the Settlement Amount is greater than the Pamodzi Gold Shares, the payment is limited to the value of the Pamodzi Gold Shares.' 'WED - PZG closed 16.45 THU - PZG closed 16.45' up to 18 months of performance will determine PZG share price 'on or after May 31, 2009 (or in limited circumstances, prior thereto) any change in that share price as at (or earlier) which is MORE FAVOURABLE to PZG than TMG in the deal outcome constitutes an 'incentive' figure it out....bbbb: if the AU$ and US$ rates are incorporated in the sum and also updated, we shall have a turnkey information solution.

, then: Gold at 0 Zarus at 8:1 Prod at 160k ozs TOTAL costs at ca 0/oz Annual free cash flow: .8 million/£24.4 million Fair share price (10 x Free Cash Flow) = £4.43tim00: bbbb, don't disagree with any of your statements, but arrive at different conclusions perhaps.

tim00: GS, I have a couple of suggestions for you to research.

I've tipped SER before, its share price has been disappointing recently but not its operational performance.

holdontightuk: I am referring of course to the price of gold not the TMG share price in the above post!

When gold resumes and arrives at it's destined 0/0z point by year end (please note this could well be much too low!