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09 Dec

They are sending people to kill me,” one message read.“They are searching for me in every possible place,” another message said, “You don’t understand what fear this is.

I don’t believe I have the strength to stand on my feet and run away.”The prosecution also said that defendant was the only one with the deceased at the time and place of her murder.

The killing sparked a wave of outrage from Israeli-Arab MKs and community leaders accusing the police of failing to properly protect the teenager after she had previously complained of being attacked by her father.

According to the indictment, Henriette, an Israeli- Arab Christian, was in a relationship with a Muslim man for over a year, arousing “vehement opposition” from her parents, which was expressed in violence against her and threats forcing her to flee her home in May.

They were constantly glancing toward the cameras in the range, then looking at each other and speaking in their own language.

Their behavior was so strange, it frightened my patrons.

The defendant stabbed the deceased three times, causing her death on the spot,” the indictment said.

The prosecution cites circumstantial evidence in the indictment including testimony of a social worker who spoke with Henriette and text messages she sent a friend.“You won’t believe what they did to me...

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A week prior, she went to the police and filed a complaint about domestic violence..

In my opinion, this did not lead to murder and could not lead to murder.

The complaints against [Henriette] were only to reunite the family,” the lawyers told Ynet.“The police arrested three members of her family: Sami, her uncle, and brother, held them for a long time in detention, and the fact that the police today could not bring charges against others shows that they are trying to patch together an indictment against Sami.

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