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08 Feb

Many people in the Lusenda camp use Burundian SIM cards to stay in touch with relatives in Burundi and will be charged roaming costs when receiving or making phone calls from a call centre based in DRC.Another challenge is that network coverage is highly variable even within these locations.Careful scoping is necessary to understand how feasible it is to contact women using mobile phones as low phone ownership rates among women and potential gender norms may prevent women from participating in phone surveys – an issue which we encountered in Kenya.In both settings we wanted as much information as possible to ensure that our feasibility study was sufficiently rigorous.For example, while it is excellent in the central market area of the camp, it is very poor in the new refugee settlement areas.

Best Overall | Video | Online Dating | Sex | Gay Looking for the best chat rooms online?The findings from our feasibility nutrition study in Kenya were similar, so from our experiences there, we can assume that with prior notice to community leaders before phone calls and appropriate sensitisation activities with men, we would be able to reduce the barriers to reaching women.However, apart from the factors we need to take into account specifically when trying to contact women, there are also some general challenges we need to address when using mobile methods to reach people in South Kivu.Et en organisant des focus groupes, nous cherchons à comprendre comment les communautés utilisent la technologie mobile et comment nous pouvons les joindre.L’aspect de mon travail que je trouve le plus gratifiant est le fait d’appliquer les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication pour sauver des vies.