Updating mac software

20 Mar

An alternative solution for upgrading a compatible Mac from Snow Leopard to Sierra is to first upgrade to your choice of Lion through El Capitan (if you happen to have a bootable installer from one of those versions of mac OS handy, or if you're able to download one from the Purchased section of the App Store and use Disk Maker X to create a bootable installer), and then do a second upgrade from that mac OS version to Sierra.Taking this upgrade path will allow you to preserve your hard drive's contents.Apple recently released a new version of its Mac operating system, mac OS Sierra (version 10.12).With the release of Sierra, Apple decided to drop support for some Mac models that were supported by several previous releases of the Mac operating system.Being stuck on an old version of mac OS is not something you can safely ignore.For one thing, running an old operating system means you won't receive critical security updates from Apple.The only security-related update that Apple is continuing to release for Snow Leopard through Mavericks is the XProtect "[un]Safe Downloads List," which blocks a handful of malicious downloads (although signatures are often added too late to be of much use) and prevents Flash and Java content from running in your browser—if your plug-ins are too outdated and likely to be exploited.It's important to note that XProtect updates, while better than nothing, are by themselves insufficient to adequately protect your Mac.

) are important factors in keeping your Mac protected.

For now, Flash and Java also officially support Mavericks and later.

Browsers and plugins are commonly exploited as a means of infecting computers, so it's critical that these programs—along with the operating systems that run them—stay up to date.

Apple does not make any public statements concerning how long it will continue to release XProtect updates, let alone security patches, for any particular Apple software or operating system.

While Microsoft publicly announces its support timetables for Windows and other software, and the Ubuntu Linux company Canonical does likewise, Apple has never given any official notice regarding how long each version of mac OS or i OS will continue to receive security updates.