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01 Apr

However, the language, writing style and composition are of course becoming quite dated.Prior to the reprinting of this edition, the book had lacked an index.This new feature will help historians utilize the source in a more efficient manner.ISBN 978-1-926797-14-4 (hardcover) The Roll of Pupils of Upper Canada College Toronto lists every student who attended Upper Canada College from the school's beginnings in January 1830 until June 1916.This year in digital and broadcast policy is likely to be dominated by two lobbying efforts: the radical website blocking plan proposed by the Bell coalition and the ongoing efforts from Canadian culture groups to impose new regulations on online video services such as Netflix.At the heart of both lobbying efforts are similar claims that seek to paint the Canadian cultural sector at risk of collapse without new regulations in the form of blocking or mandated contributions.For example, CEO George Cope stated: For the past two years, the prospect of creating a Netflix tax or Internet tax has been the digital policy issue that would not die in Canada.The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage called for an Internet tax last June, the province of Quebec remains anxious to pay digital sales taxes (there is nothing stopping them from doing so now), and many creator groups continue to the call for mandated contributions on Netflix to “level the playing the field” (the level playing field argument is misleading).

Genealogy How-To Archival & Acid-Free Conservation How-To Charts, Forms Magnifiers Gift Certificates Includes counties of Dufferin; Durham; Halton; Haliburton; Lincoln; Peel; Niagara; Ontario; Northumberland; Peterborough; Simcoe; Welland; Wentworth; York; Victoria. Three generations of the Wideman family, Philip, son Ludwig, and grandson Bartholomew, operated a successful marble works that produced monuments in Ringwood, Ontario and then in Stouffville from 1839 until 1939.I was asked to consider the impact of Canadian copyright in foreign diplomacy, leading to an interesting and engaging discussion that touched on everything from the changes to the IP provisions in the TPP to the legality of streaming services.My opening remarks, which emphasized the potential for Canada to engage in copyright diplomacy by serving as model for other countries, is posted below.Last week, the Canadian Media Production Association released Profile 2017, its annual report on the state of the industry.The latest report tells a remarkable success story.