Updating rosters on nba 2k9

28 Jan

For those of you that don’t know me already, my name is Erick Boenisch, Senior Producer on NBA 2K18.Some of you may know me by my online handle, Sim Baller.On a warm, May night at the 2011 Western Conference Finals in Dallas, it all came to a sudden end. After a number of interviews over the last couple years, you have just landed a job as the GM of an NBA team.Widely respected for your on-court success, you have finally found an owner that believes the very drive that propelled you to the top of the NBA will help you propel his team to an NBA title.My GM: The Next Chapter is a completely new take on franchise modes with its story-driven narrative.

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In NBA 2K18, we are taking My GM to the next level (and SO much more).

In the franchise landscape, we have been pushing the envelope for the entirety of the current generation of consoles: – At the dawn of the next gen, NBA 2K14 presented us with an entirely new mode, My GM.

My GM aimed to personalize the experience of being a GM.

– NBA 2K15 brought us the wildly popular My LEAGUE mode; an experience that brought forth the tenet of complete user control and customization.

– NBA 2K16 introduced Team Relocation, giving you the ability to relocate your teams to new cities, and create entire new arena/court floor/uniform designs.