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05 Feb

For SPSMM programs in the convention center, click here. The hospitality suite is in the Sheraton Denver Hotel. Bradstreet, MS, Texas Tech University Title: Bromance: Gender, Gender Conformity, and Influences on Men’s Same-Gender Friendships Tyler C.

Bradstreet, MS, Texas Tech University Title: Men’s Self-Concept and Its Association With Drive for Muscularity, Disordered Eating, and Depression Alexis A.

Nielson, MS, Arizona State University Title: Masculinity and the MRNI in Female and Nonheterosexual Samples Ethan Hoffman, MA, Clark University Title: Returning to Hegemonic Masculinity in Research on Men’s Mental Health Gerald K.

Crete, Ph D, Argosy University, Atlanta Title: The Experiences Male Survivors Have of Religion in Their Healing From Child Sexual Abuse Darci E.

Lee, MA, Oklahoma State University Title: Attitudes Related to Gender in Response to Dating Violence Prevention Programming Kathryn A.

Bradshaw, MA, University of North Dakota Title: Utilizing Computer Software to Measure Sexual Aggression Christopher N.

Penner, Ph D, Adelphi University Title: Paternal Psychopathology and Adolescent Mood: Longitudinal Links From a Community Sample of Families Nelson Zounlome, BA, Indiana University Bloomington Title: University Sexual Assault Prevention: A Social Norms Approach Anne Genereux, MA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Title: New(?

But what if a hero was a sexual predator, someone who admitted to some really creepy behavior?

Richard Feynman casts the longest shadow in the collective psyche of modern physicists.

As with Einstein, there’s a good reason for his fame.

Feynman was a pioneer of quantum field theory, one of a small group of researchers who worked out quantum electrodynamics (QED): the theory governing the behavior of light, matter, and their interactions.