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25 Mar

Apparently, GIT stops you doing this without telling you why. (Windows) I was able to get around this issue using Git Shell.So if your branches are different from the remote only in the capitalization, try changing them to be identical. Each repository within gives you HTTPS/SSH/Subversion URL's that you can use to download using Shell, see here: Veritas does not guarantee the accuracy regarding the completeness of the translation.

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On the file server, a PAGED-read operation is initiated because of the Cache Manager’s read ahead mechanism.If you are using git for windows (and you likely are, if you are doing this on a windows machine), and none of the other fixes here worked for you, try going to, and getting a version on or after version 2.4.5. Another addition, since I encountered this error a different way and Google took me here.My problem was a mismatch of case; one camel Case and one not. Pushed it with the original virtual machine where I initially couldn't push.In due course, the Cache Manager acquires the lock on Paging Io Resource in shared mode.A Pre Read callback is being hit in the FSA Driver because of the PAGED-read operation.