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21 Feb

My only real complaint about a darker turn might be that it feels a bit premature. Race: Warforged (EPG) Class: Swordmage|Battlemind (FRPG, PHB3) Paragon Path: Coronal Guard (FRPG) Hybrid Talent: Swordmage Warding Multiclass: Wizard Theme: Order Adept (D399) Strength 13 Constitution 22 Dexteritry 13 Intelligence 22 Wisdom 9 Charisma 11 AC 32 Fortitude 30 Reflex 30 Will 29 Health 142 Bloodied 71 Surge Value 30 Surges per day 14 Feats L1-Hybrid Talent (PHB3) L2-Unarmored Agility (PHB3) L4-Arcane Initiate (PHB) L6-War Wizard Expertise (D402) L8-Improved Defenses (Hot FL) L10-Warforged Tactics (EPG) L11-Improved Swordmage Warding (AP) L12-Greater Swordmage Warding (AP) L14-Greater Aegis of Shielding (AP) L16-Adept Power (PHB) At-Will L1-Swordburst (FRPG) L3-Lodestone Lure (Ps P) L7-Forceful Reversal (DSCS) Encounter L1-Argent Rain (D399) - Theme Power L4-Beguiling Strands (Hot FL) L11-Countering Thunderclap (FRPG) L13-Dimensional Vortex (AP) Daily L15-Blast of Cold (PHB) Utility L2-Shield (PHB) L6-Armanathor's Step (FRPG) L12-Dragon Scales (FRPG) 4 Shimmering Feyweave Robes (AV) 3 Farbond Spellblade Longsword (AV2) 3 Brooch of Vitality (AV) Done! There's not much supporting La Zodiac's theory - it's not proven and it doesn't have much to support it, but we can't ditch it for a reason as silly as "the voices are different".

I feel there's more development to be had before it gets big-time serious. Monty (and the people at Roosterteeth, who I've seen a lot from) is perfectly capable of exploring darker themes intelligently. By the way: EPG - Eberron's Player Guide FRPG - Forgotten Realms' Player Guide AV - Adventurer's Vault AV2 - Adventurer's Vault 2 DXXX - Dragon Magazine number XXX (such as 399) AP - Arcane Power Ps P - Psionic Power Hot FL - Heroes of the Forgotten Lands Penny, which was a "challenge", completed in under an hour. It's still a theory, and we're not sure if that theory is right, because we have little to no proof that it is true or that it is false.

That said, as a fun little show totaling about an hour and a half, it's great fun. The drums overpower the vocals a bit too much, I find, but it's certainly not bad.

As of yet the show is young, so there aren't months of content to catch up on. I agree that the speed-up at the start feels a bit messy, but I think I'll grow used to it fairly soon.

Watch it, don't expect anything amazing but be prepared for a fun little show. :smallbiggrin: Not bad:smallcool: I like the music (love the drums), but the singer... It looks like we'll definitely be seeing a darker RWBY in June. Casey's singing is as solid as always, and the lyrics are quite good for an intro. Also concerning Ozpin possibly being Roman Torchwick, hehehehe~Because Bruce Banner and The Hulk have similar voices.

I think This Will Be the Day is stronger lyrically (except for some lines), but this is new and interesting and I like it, hooray. 1) Superheroes all seem to have the superpower to make themselves, their friends and their loved ones complete idiots who can't recognize ANY voice at all for who it belongs to 2) Bruce Banner turns into a giant monster when he transforms.

This is why I stick to the internet, Netflix, and buying Sherlock [email protected] else, progress on my fan-team is going well. I mean, he's Joan of Arc R63'ed, he's bound to make some incredible wins, be captured by the enemy and something will go wrong and he will die or something like that. If you're asking the fan thread whether to watch the show, you probably have a good idea of the responses you'll receive. Reasons to watch: Good action, cool weapons, interesting world with lots of potential thematic development, Monty clearly has good ideas cooking.Do you mind if I post them here when I finish, or would it be better if I go looking in the direction of facebook and deviantart? My money say's Juane getting wasted is either related to Penny corruption, related to some big as yet barely hinted at event that makes the grim THAT much more dangerous, or Cardin Winchester pulling a massive double cross on Becon in general/Juane and/or Ruby and/or Velvet's teams in particular. Reasons to skip: Some non-combat animation and voice acting/dialogue writing issues, and the show has felt rather directionless for want of a central dynamic.Monty's been introducing new ideas faster than he can develop them; everything feels rather two-dimensional as a result. And I've skipped through about half of the non-combat scenes ten seconds at a time because I couldn't sit through it.if you skipped them, how did you know that you couldn't sit through them? If you're asking the fan thread whether to watch the show, you probably have a good idea of the responses you'll receive.