Vintage schwinn dating

12 Dec

At the time the motto was “Fink Differently” and that is how Ed Roth designed cars.The Beatnik Bandit was a car that ‘Big daddy’ designed that was driven by a Joy Stick instead of a steering wheel, all crazy stuff but so wonderful.Sell the land, the Airstream, move back to town and buy a motorcycle.This time he decided on a classic bike instead of something modern. Dan found a beautiful Harley WL model Flathead that needed some love.These guys created the absolute wildest vehicles ever seen. Now if you don’t know Rat Fink, your childhood was, well…lacking something.

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Years back a friend decided he wanted to live “Off The Grid”, I think that at sometime in life quite a few of us have thought of that. A wife, kids, going to PTA meetings, and how far away is the nearest grocery store?

After the war, the WLA model (A was for Army’) was very popular with returning GI’s.

There is a lot more history available out there about the Flathead Harley’s and it’s quite fascinating.

How ‘Vintage’ is vintage, how ‘Antique’ is antique? A few months later, and about as much money as he paid for his Airstream he had a big smile on his face and his overly tolerant wife was happy to have central air conditioning.

The ‘Flathead’ design motor was very common throughout motoring history.