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05 Mar

He has two grown children from his first marriage, and they have a young daughter together, who is being raised as a Jew.

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Jews and many Catholics, like the Irish and Italians, were not considered truly white, until one day we all were, more or less; they can have testy, passive-aggressive relationships with clerical authority; and they are both petrified that the whole shop is about to go out of business.*While we, as a nation, continue to profess belief in God at rates that are distinctly non-European, our specific denominational attachments continue to wane.What do I really care about, and what is just my stubborn ego? And what do I owe to my religious community, which may need me as much as I need it?Jewish-Catholic intermarriages are particularly interesting because of all that our two communities have in common.But he left before ordination to get married, at age 21.He said he knew right away he had made the wrong decision.