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09 Apr

This time it was a small young Phillipino man who helped me up, passed me a towel and asked me to follow him.

We went into a very hot steam room and I was to lay on the marble table, again face down.

For starters, our office has a small, friendly atmosphere that will immediately put you at ease.

Our professional staff will then help you feel welcome and comfortable as we strive to provide the highest standard of personalized dental care in the most gentle and efficient way possible.

Eventually she stopped and told me to relax for a few minutes.

As soon as she went out of the room, I released my cock and touched the end. I was oozing a river of pure, clear precum; never before had I seen so much flowing out of my cock.

I started to rub it into the purple helmet, desperate to cum.

But I heard someone coming and quickly laid back on my stomach.

The sensation of the heat and oil was causing me to feel like ejaculating but I knew this would be bad!

She climbed on my back and began a very hard intense massage which was bordering on pain.

She locked her legs in mine and really rubbed into my muscles with her arms, elbows and hands.

The thought of her doing this, made my cock ache with desire to squirt.

I knew the helmet was even fatter now, I could feel it digging in my stomach.