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11 Mar

Morrison says he removed Roblox from his family computers and is calling on other parents to do the same.

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Roblox’ massive 3D multiplayer experience starts with an avatar, a plot of virtual real estate, and a tool box to start building.

"Sometimes they have to testify against their own family, which is almost an impossible thing to do for a child." At any given moment, there are 750,000 child predators connected to the Internet, according to the United Nations and the FBI.

The adults identified in the Sweetie sting mostly come from the United States, Britain, and India. " User: "Naked." Sweetie and her chat partner agreed on a fee to be paid by a wire transfer and Sweetie asked for the person's Skype address, but didn't take the chat any further, according to the AP.

It goes on to note that players can report inappropriate chat messages or other content from within the game.

Privacy settings are said to be locked for players under 12, to prevent contact with people they don’t know.