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28 Jan

She heard stories of a future mayor shining shoes, an atheist selling Bibles and an Iranian who ran his own printing shop.

The summer after my first year of college, I registered with a temp service.

My job was to sit at the front desk to greet people when they came in and to check their membership cards. People were coming in with their hearts on their sleeves, just hoping to find love or at least a date, which was really sweet.

I had to be as polite as possible in sort of an awkward situation.

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The video was just you talking about what you were looking for in a partner, telling them a little bit about yourself and what you liked or didn’t like.It worked out nicely to have a quick way out without having to be rude to a client.I befriended the guy who made the videos; he was a film major who was just a couple of years older than me.It was hilarious, but also a huge learning experience from a dating perspective.The guys always went wrong when they were trying to describe what they wanted physically.