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19 Jan

I found this book in the midst of researching my thesis on the history of Italian Renaissance clothing.

"I want to reiterate in no uncertain terms our commitment to the safety of our students."My husband and I would like to know what the administration is going to do about my daughter's injury and how it happened," she wrote.She later told KUSA: "This is a grown man pushing my 13-year-old girl so hard against her will while she's crying and screaming for him to stop that he's ripping tissues in her body." It is unclear what action the school took at the time but copies of the video showing other girls being forced into the same position, believed to have been recorded by other teammates, were sent anonymously to the news channel in August.Pre-order today In this generously illustrated book, Anne Hollander examines representations of the body and clothing in Western art, from Greek sculpture and vase painting though medieval and renaissance portraits, to contemporary films and fashion photography.Hollander is the only person I've ever read who actually understands the function of clothing.