Amy adams and matthew goode dating

22 Jan

That, at least, is Goode’s take on fame and its consequences.‘If there are photographers outside your home, you’re just going to have to get used to it.As for the finished film, he insists he found it brilliant – unlike some of the other films he has appeared in.

Every so often, he claps his hand to his mouth and says: ‘Oh God! Yet at 31 he’s old enough, and bright enough, to know exactly what he’s doing.

Most of these people get paid an absolute fortune, so don’t live in LA.

Go and find somewhere where these people aren’t going to bother you.’ One of the things that's most interesting about all this tongue-flapping is that not so very long ago Goode used to be an extremely bashful little boy.

There was a time, says Matthew Goode, when actors were free to speak their minds, when agents and PRs didn’t control the film industry and it was a lot less bland as a result.

I can see a wistful gleam in his eye as he says this and it’s plain this is a time he hankers after – and indeed is on a one-man mission to recreate.