Amy adams and matthew goode dating

22 Jan

As for the finished film, he insists he found it brilliant – unlike some of the other films he has appeared in.

‘When you see a finished film, it’s very rare that it exceeds your expectations.

That, at least, is Goode’s take on fame and its consequences.

‘If there are photographers outside your home, you’re just going to have to get used to it.

After criticising the distributors for putting co-star Julianne Moore’s face on the poster instead of his – thereby implying it was a heterosexual romance – he weighed into the film’s producers, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, for not doing enough to sell it: ‘It doesn’t seem to be getting a push from the Weinsteins too much.’ Up goes Goode’s hand to his mouth once again when I mention this. ‘Do you honestly think I wanted to pick a fight with Harvey Weinstein?

To be honest, I’ll know how serious this is when A Single Man premieres over here. He’s a lovely man, though,’ he says, grinning all the harder now.

There was a time, says Matthew Goode, when actors were free to speak their minds, when agents and PRs didn’t control the film industry and it was a lot less bland as a result.

I can see a wistful gleam in his eye as he says this and it’s plain this is a time he hankers after – and indeed is on a one-man mission to recreate.

Maybe that’s what I love.’ If anyone becomes an actor, and is lucky enough to be successful, then they should just shut up about the less-welcome stuff that comes with success.

Generally, you’re thinking: “Oh no, I don’t think this is going to work out the way I hoped.” This was one of the few occasions when I thought: “Wow, it’s really brilliant.” And I’m hardly in it, so there may well be a correlation there.’ But even here Goode couldn’t resist putting his foot in it.

At the New York premiere of Leap Year, a journalist for New York magazine asked him about the marketing of A Single Man.

‘It was one of those classic things where you find out that everyone else is being paid millions of dollars and I got ,000 – which, when you’ve got bugger all, is great. It’s a lot better than it was, but people have this odd idea that I must be a millionaire who swans around accepting roles whenever I care to.

The trouble is, I ended up with about £12,000 after tax.’ Money is clearly another subject that rankles with Goode. I’m very much a jobbing actor who’s still trying to find a place to rent down the road.’ There is a chance that all that might be about to change.