Cancers dating aquarius replying to messages online dating

02 May

Cancerians look for security and warmth from an Aquarius but their secretive nature will make them uncomfortable.In their pursuit to explore new ideas, detach themselves from the family.Cancer mates can teach social, intellectual Aquarius lovers the value of emotional impulses, and their feminine influence will bring beauty and comfort into the home.While Cancer teaches the valuable lesson of an open heart, Aquarius can come right back with the usefulness of a detached heart.While Cancer often retreats into its shell, Aquarius takes every opportunity to be the extrovert, the organizer and party animal.They love to find themselves amongst friends; social settings are simply their thing!On the flip side, Cancerians have very strong emotional bond towards their family.To sum it all, the match may not reflect a good compatibility.

There relationship can only be nurtured if the emotions of a Cancer woman gets married to an intellectual thinking of an Aquarius man.

Saturn deals with hard work and the discipline required for achievement, while Uranus symbolizes forward thought.

This combination makes sense for an Aquarian, as they are futurists unafraid of getting their hands dirtied by labor.

Aquarius-Cancer Compatibility The traits of Aquarians include performing experiments and love for freedom.

The sensitive Cancerian will not be able to hold-on the stubborn – Aquarius.