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28 Apr

I found that the mic in the camera is pretty good about not picking up too much ambient noise - it would always pick up my son crying or babbling, but rarely picked up sounds from right outside his room.

A couple of other comments: - There's a nightlight on each camera - I like this feature, but I really wish there were a way to dim them or change the color (blue), either on the camera itself or from the monitor.

Instead, it just zooms into the center of the picture, and that's all you get to see.

All four guests must arrive at the admission gate together for entrance into Camelbeach. Bonus Night The perfect ticket for afternoon arrivals or two-day getaways is our Bonus Night pass!

Our Bonus Night ticket includes Twilight Admission (starting at 3PM) plus the next full day admission (one all day ticket).

All I had to do was open the box, charge the monitor, plug in and place the cameras, and done! The large screen makes sure you can see a good amount of the room you set it up in.

The buttons are discrete on the sides of the monitor, but easy to find and press despite their sizes.