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30 Jan

Per tradition, we took in food and monetary donations to the Worcester County Food Bank.

Partaking of the fare at Smokestack Urban Barbecue, we virtually marinated in the rolling story of the Canal District with speaker Allen Fletcher, one of the earliest visionaries to help bring about the current transformation into a mixed-used urban neighborhood brimming with vitality.

He revealed the inter-agency coordination necessary in accurate messaging as well as crisis communications lessons and strategies during disasters.

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Communications Trivia was a humbling but educational experience for the teams who played.

Watch a video of Jay Barry’s presentation » Program with Kevin O’ Sullivan of the Mass Biotech Institute, cancelled due to a snowstorm, to is to be rescheduled in our 2017-18 program lineup.

Tim Connolly, communications director for Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early, has learned about life behind the crime scene tape in more than 10 years on the job.

Kevin O’Sullivan, CEO of Massachusetts Biomedical Initiative, revealed a lot of potential for communicators and others in the booming Innovation Economy in Greater Worcester: healthcare, biomed and higher ed. development scene, he had some amusing and insightful looks back on how we got here.

Watch a video of this presentation Starting us off for our 2017-18 program year was a very practical and informative presentation by Hans Riemer, president and CEO of Market Vantage who discussed the evolution of search and social media platform advertising and how organic search and SEO have been downplayed in favor of revenue-producing services for the big players.