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11 May

As I said, though, Spokane, where we have stayed frequently, is very good.Another, on the edge of I-35 in DFW, Texas, which had just opened its doors recently, was also very up to standards.La Quinta Inns and Suites (or LQ) opened it’s first hotel in 1968 in San Antonio, Texas. By 1986, the company had 170 hotels mostly in Texas and Florida.The company was founded by brothers Sam and Phil Barshop. In 1991, the company was taken over by the Bass and Taylor families of Ft. In 1999, the La Quinta corporate office moved from San Antonio to Irving, a Dallas suburb.I later wanted to watch a little TV, but it wasn’t working.

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When I encounter a desk person from the sub-continent, I nearly always walk out now.

I have not had one positive experience with people from this ethnic group.

Keep in mind our key worked at 230 in the morning when we arrived back to the hotel after all the rooms that were on the 3rd floor were booked out our room key still worked to enter the property.

However, I requested the number to cooperate from the front desk and because I was in a room on the third floor they refused to give me the number!!!