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15 Dec

An adult webcam site claims to be the first ever to use facial recognition technology to help users find "sex doppelgängers" of people they know.Individuals can upload photographs of anyone's face — it could be a stranger, a celebrity, or an acquaintance — and Mega will use facial recognition tech to find an adult performer who looks similar.

Shouldn't you already kind of know your chances with your Facebook friends?

Privacy tends not to arise when you’re in a public place (though the rule is not quite that simple.

Naomi Campbell won a breach of privacy case against the Daily Mirror for photos snapped as she entered a Narcotic Anonymous meeting – a public place, yes, but an occasion where it was reasonable to expect some privacy).

Like Eddy L, you can argue that there is conceptually no difference between this sort of behavior and simply fantasizing about strangers (or acquaintances) in your head.

However, you can argue that moving from imagination to images on screens does represent a qualitative difference.