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05 Jan

Sukhumvit, seemingly the epicenter for Bangkok's sex tourism industry, does, however, offer something for the individual not looking for a good time, but, rather, just a good time.

What it offers is a fantastic staging point for travel throughout the city, allowing easy access to both the subway and skytrain.

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In this little corner of Southeast Asia, everything is for sale, and they know you are coming.

This is primarily why I chose Thailand to make my first visit to the other side of the globe.

The unbelievable 0 flight also had something to do with it. The islands were magical, the highlands were lush, and the cities were lively.

The hotel was very nice, and that was the problem - it set the bar quite high for my future accomodations.

However, Rich and Graham (left) had stayed at the hotel several times before on previous visits, and were correct in that it was clean and reasonable.