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07 Apr

For this tutorial, I’ve used the measurements I used to make floor-length curtains for my own window, which is 67” wide x 49” tall, with the curtain rod about 87” off the floor.However, you can easily adapt these instructions for any size window.Well-traveled chef Patrick Ehemann creates a unique menu each week that features the best seasonal ingredients that Virginia has to offer.Its an experience that makes customers feel like they are participating in a grand buffet of years gone by.

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Anyway, as I go from changing a diaper to washing the dishes, it’s nice to have a reminder that some of my efforts stick around for a bit longer.

I like lots (okay, 2”) of extra DF at the bottom (I think I saw a hanging curtain like that once – I don’t know if there’s a reason for the extra fabric), but if you prefer less, you can plan accordingly (cut more liner, or hem it up less).

This is where the extra 2” in the cutting guide image above comes in handy.

I want my curtains to be a little long so I cut my decorative fabric (hereafter referred to as “DF”) 94” x 55”, and cut the liner 92” x 47” (2” less than the DF at the bottom, and 4” less on either side), leaving room for a 7” hem at the bottom of each, and 4-6” for the rod pocket at the top.

(I don’t know who she is, but she makes a mean “how to” video!