Updating gentoo profile

13 Apr

Have fun ^-^ sakaki PS this is an updated version of the image that Roy Longbottom used for his 64-bit benchmarks (see this post).

For those with significant amounts of work invested in the 1.0.2 image, manual upgrade instructions are also available, here.

Realizing this, I thought that perhaps a more flexible script could be written to just prompt you as to what to do next.

Then I realized that I had incidentally written such a script on a piece of paper in the form of these notes.

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So with the sysresccd or the Gentoo bootdisks, sshd is included and you can fire that up and then go back to your real computer to finish the whole job.Usually, the boot disk will auto-detect your NIC hardware and automatically use DHCP and be ready for action without doing anything.If your installation is more difficult, oh well, at least you have the full power of Linux and its tools to dig yourself out of that hole.Full instructions for download and use are provided on the project's Git Hub page.The image contains a complete (Open RC-based) Gentoo system (including a full Portage tree, up-to-date as of 9 July 2017) - so you can run emerge operations immediately - and has a reasonably populated userland (Xfce v4.12, Libre Office v5.3.4.2, Firefox v53.0.3, Thunderbird v52.2.0, VLC v2.2.6, GIMP v2.9.4 etc.) so that you can get productive having to compile anything first (unless you want to, of course ^-^). Wi Fi and Bluetooth both work, as does sound (via onboard headphone jack, and over HDMI). "Forty-two," said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.” Thanks ^-^ Pi-Top Variant Bootable 64-Bit Gentoo Image Released If you have a Pi-Top (an RPi3-based DIY laptop), I've just released a variant of the gentoo-on-rpi3-64bit bootable image for this.