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The user’s Windows XP Professional client computer can connect to all Windows­based network resources by name and by IP address. It cannot be used to recover a Hub Transport server.Other users report the same problem connecting to Server7. Configure each computer to use mnode for Net BIOS name resolution. Configure the Hosts file on each computer so that it does not have an entry for Server7. Ask an administrator to add Server7 to the database of the network DNS server. Ask an administrator to add Server7 to the database of the network WINS server. You are a desktop support technician for your company. Answer: D Q: 4 You are employed as the exchange administrator at However, the user’s computer is still unable to connect to any network resources. protected void Form View1_Item Updated(object sender, Form View Updated Event Args e) Answer: C 8. The Web Form uses the Form View control to enable a user to edit a record in the database. What command do you use on an Exchange Server 2007 server named Edinburgh with the Edge Transport role installed to implement this change? Set-Transport Server Edinburgh-Message Tracking Log Subject Logging Enabled $False B.

You are able to use your Windows XP Professional client computer to connect to Server7 by IP address, but not by name. Server7 runs file­sharing software so that client computers can connect to it. For Setup /M: Recover Server to recover a server, you need to build the server with the same server name as the server you are recovering. To run Setup /M: Recover Server, you need to have the Exchange Server 2007 server installation files. Setup /M: Recover Server can rebuild the following server roles: CAS, Edge Transport, and Mailbox.

You are a desktop support technician for your company. Then set the condition to “when the Subject field contains Sales Rule”.

A user reports that his Windows XP Professional client computer cannot connect to a file server named Server7. Then set the action to “silently drop the message”. First locate the message ID of the original message on Server01. Answer: A Q: 3 Setup /M: Recover Server is a great tool to rebuild your Exchange servers.

You need to ensure that the user’s computer can connect to network resources and authenticate to the domain. A remote user uses a Windows XP Professional portable computer. Keep In Edit Mode = True Return End If Next entry End Sub C. You are responsible for managing the Exchange network for Soon after the outage you receive numerous alerts from the monitoring system bringing to your attention that there are quite a number of sent e-mails were queued up.

The user’s user account is a member of the local Administrators group on his computer. Form View Updated Event Args) _ Handles Form View1. Protected Sub 70-528 study guide Form View1_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. This is evident in the number of SMTP queues on the Hub Transport server that are being displayed in a retry status. You should make use of the Resume-queue -filter cmdlet B.