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24 Mar

I'd guess that his first would be the sister he's supposed to teach sex ed to, but in the opportunity it says that he needs experience himself before he does that, so I guess it will be someone else, unless he somehow gets that experience elsewhere, or that part becomes completely irrelevant? I want to strike a business deal with Eric that starts a underground internet porn empire that will last a millenia! i probably won't bother with it again until a decent amount of new content is added.12270I have to say, this game surprised me, at first I did not like it much, but playing it more I liked it a lot, it is not the best game of all but this guy had a great idea, The links will never end hehehe12241I re-uploaded the game: put a file that enables cheat menu and last version of behind the dune to make the archive bigger in case he uses script that checks files' size.https://mega.nz/#! 0x N68qrz D5HJp Yqb4c_jn SU3j1sz Cjz OSSwk CX0JUHE12290Stay alert when Eric is with your mother in the room at night, Alice is going to take a shower and goes to her room, spending an hour he (Eric) will spy on the balconi, catch him spying on Alice, make a noise to attract attention Of your mother, you will make an excuse and she will not believe it, the next morning you will see the scene. Begin to persuade him to stop making your family going againts you. We're not talking about complex AAA title here, just a 'romancing' VN with fucked up translation. But supporting dev with just to get that walkthrough is a no-no to me, even if dev tires too hard to make shekels. Only whimps would shove them up dev's fat ass that much.

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(The title screen is cut off and pushed in the bottom right hand corner (Like it's zoomed in no matter what resolution I set it as) And it won't let me do anything).13129Keep doing chores to decrease Eric's influence towards Mom. Minor fixes and improvements.14437Honestly if all the dev wants to do is make a massive cuck game then I'm outta here.News People in the comment sections keep fighting whether the game deserves an NTR label or not.I've already said the last time what I think about labels.There appears to be no way to get rid of the so-called "Bull". " And then the mother believes everything he tells her, punished you, and then goes and blows him in the bathroom.13317To add to this, how do i get to the point where the moms bf gives Alisa a massage? He could easily hire another guy to do additional 3d work and get more content done each update but HE WOULDNT. For software when you buy it you don't own the software you own a license to use it.Even with cheats enabled, your mother's stats minimized for him, and all your stuff maxed, and you use the "Catch him in the act"…Pass the persuade.. I tried using cheats to improve their relationship but got only as far as her being nearly naked but covering her boobs with him13249Never mind that she agrees (or considers? A series of juicy events with some bonuses.4 new opportunities, each one has several steps. DRM attempts to prevent you from sharing the software illegally and often negatively affects legitimate purchasers (limited installs, can't run software without internet connection, etc.)14536My internet security noticed that and blocked it.