Who is brooke davis dating in real life

22 Feb

She received the infamous nickname "The $lut from the Valley" by Stephanie.

When there was controversy about Brooke's pregnancy due to her adultery and backstabbing of her daughter Bridget by sleeping with Deacon Sharpe, her son-in-law, Whip Jones stood up and said he was the father to Brooke's daughter, Hope to end the controversy of who fathered Brooke's baby.

Additionally, because of her bad personal decisions she is often hurting the women closest to her (Bridget and Katie) at the same time.

She sleeps with every woman's man even within her own family. Brooke's had many marriages, most to Ridge Forrester, who she considers to be her true love. Their multiple marriages and unconventional break ups with others are often covered in the press.

Taylor was also in a relationship with Rick, and they slept together and became engaged while Rick who was her emotional support during Brooke's interference with Jack's upbringing.

After breaking up, Rick ended up fighting with Phoebe in a car, refusing to pull the car over to safety while Phoebe was out of control, and when Phoebe told him to stop the car, she tried to hit the brakes with her foot, but ended up hitting the gas hard, which made Rick lose control, and they crashed and it killed Phoebe.

Taylor was Caroline Spencer Forrester's oncologist. Ridge remained loyal and faithful to whichever woman he was with but didn't want to let either go.

Eric Forrester is if her biggest champions regardless if the fact that she had an affair with Ridge when they were married. F (stands for Brooke Logan Forrester), Brooke's Bedroom, and the men's line even though they were someone else's ideas, namely Lauren Fenmore, and used to get the attention of Ridge away from Taylor.

Brooke met Ridge at a party catered by her mother and instantly fell in love.

Ridge became engaged to Caroline Spencer and Brooke set out to win Ridge over after Caroline ended the engagement at the alter after finding out Ridge had slept with another woman.

The character has been portrayed by Katherine Kelly Lang since the show started in 1987.

After escaping an attempted rape, she finds comfort and protection in Dave and he soon proposes to her.