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01 Mar

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But I noticed something was different; suddenly that handjob was a lot easier and there was just. It's not like I was dating particularly posh boys either. Confused, I went to give him a handjob but I suddenly was conscious to not pull his foreskin in one direction too much. I then got a yeast infection (because uncircumcised penises are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria since moisture can get trapped in the foreskin) and exclaimed, 'That's it! My son had his foreskin removed when he was 2 weeks old, by a registered GMC (General Medical Council) doctor.

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Lucy Remember that Sex And The City episode where Charlotte makes the guy get circumcised because 'ew, it looks like a shar pei!

Seeing as penises in pop culture are 99% of the time circumcised (with Michael Fassbender in Shame as that glorious 1%), it looked normal to me. This is thanks to their penis growing a protective film over itself meaning there's more space between the nerve-endings and the surface and ample time for me to get mine.

Then, came boyfriend number two: British but with an American dad. I did what any self-respecting woman would do and drank until it made sense. Now I'm in a long-term relationship with someone who isn't circumcised and I admit the first time I saw his 'hooded' dick; I gasped, sighed and died a little inside.

We have had many contributions from men who were circumcised as adults or teenagers, and they are welcome.

We understand that these will help many other men considering this issue.