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27 Apr

This book is Free on February 11, 2018Kindle The Second Sister (Amendyr Book 1) by Rae D.Magdon: Eleanor of Sandleford’s world is shaken when her father marries a mysterious noblewoman.However, lesbian representation on network television is down from 33% of regular and recurring LGBTQ characters in 2015-2016 to 17% in the 2016-2017 season, although bisexual female and transgender representation on network TV is up.

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When Logan sees Nick for the first time since the funeral, he is just as handsome and charming as she remembers.It’s a terrible time to be alive, but luckily we have our stories. ) to feast your eyes, hearts, and fanatically over-invested minds on. This year is chock-full of brand new and returning LGBTQ ladies (and one non-binary person!This book is Free on February 11, 2018Kindle The Walking Man by Wright Forbucks: Very loosely based on a true story, The Walking Man presents a powerful and unusual boy-meets-girl love story.Set in a mythical hospital where the hopeless go to die this best-selling novel delivers intense moments laughter and heartbreak within an amazingly original story about the value of persistence and the mystery of true love.