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28 Jan

A shocked and dejected Yuu demanded to know why Hatori was the only one "good enough".Chiaki says he doesn't know, but that Hatori is simply the only man he can be intimate with.When Hatori explains why he was with his ex-girlfriend, she is a co-worker he simply ran into, Chiaki becomes embarrased for his furious reaction.Hatori takes this as an indirect confession of love for him and the two make up.Hatori complied and, when seeing kissing was okay with him, Chiaki begins a relationship with Hatori.Slowly after this, their relationship grew and Chiaki begins to slowly realize that he loves Hatori more than as his best friend.

Like most male characters in the series, Chiaki is tall for Japanese men, more than likely in the slightly above average height range.

However, Chiaki realizes in surprise that he isn't bothered by it at all.

Hatori then declared that since he has betrayed Chiaki's trust, he felt it was best to leave his life.

His feelings are just about officially confirmed when Yuu begins forcing himself onto Chiaki and kissing him against his will, saying how he could maybe fall in love with him by sleeping with him.

Chiaki responded by punching him and yelling that he could never be with him like that.